New Holiday Wishbook!

When I was a kid, every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas we would receive several catalogs in the mail from places like Sears or J.C. Penny. Being a kid, the first thing we’d do was turn to the back of the book and start to make our list of requests from the jolly man in the red suit. Of course, that list would continue to grow to epic proportions as we wished for everything in the book. That lead to the catalogs being caleld Wishbooks.

I had a similar experience yesterday when I received the new print catalog from GAP Adventures, a company that specializes in adventure travel all over the World. I received the 2007/2008 catalog in the mail, and proceeded to page through, making another “wish list”. The 225 page, full color, book is crammed full of trips on every continent. You’ll find everything from guided climbs of Kilimanjaro, to trekking around Everest and Annapurna, to sailing to the Galapagos, and much much more. It was fun to page through the book and just check off the trips I’d love to do. Before long, I found my list growing as long as the ones I created as a kid, and I couldn’t help but hope Santa was paying attention for next year.

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