Podcast Updates

Ok, so I’ve been completely slacking in my Podcast Updates of late, so I’ve got a few to share with you. First up, The Wildebeat has posted Episode 68: Light Lofty Jackets and Episode 69: Indoor Snow Camping. The first of these programs reviews two lightweight, synthetic jackets designed to replace fleece layers, while the second episode takes a look at the joys of snow camping, but in style. In this case, camping in a rustic backcountry ski hut. Sounds like fun to me!

Endurance Planet also has a couple of podcasts that I’ve failed to mention. First is this interview with “joggler” Perry Romanowski. What’s a joggler you ask? Someone who juggles. While runing a marathon. I didn’t make this up, and yes, it’s kind of silly. Finally, there is an interview with Craig Howie, who discusses base level training and building a strong core for endurance sports. Craig is a triathlete who recently completed the Iron Man in Kona, Hawaii.