Popular Mechanics On Mountain Rescue, Wilderness Survival

With the on going rescue efforts on Mount Hood over the past week, not to menition the high profile James Kim story there has been a lot of interest of late on wilderness survival and mountain rescue operations. With those topics in mind, I thought you might find these articles of interest, both from Popular Mechanics Magazine.

First, we have a short article on Mountain Rescue” with a profile of Steve Rollins, who is a voluneer with Portland Mountain Rescue. The article details some of the gear that the rescue teams use as well.

The second, and much longer article, is a guide to outdoor survival and details some of the best strategies to keep in mind should you become lost or stranded in the wilderness. It also mentions some basic survival gear that you should carry with you when traveling in the backcountry such as a signal mirror, a space blanket, or water proof matches. There is a lot of good advice to be found here, and is worth a read if for nothing else, but to refresh our memories on the things we need to consider to stay safe.

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