Search Continues On Mt. Hood brings us another update today on the two climbers still missing on Mt. Hood. Rescue teams have narrowed their search to a smaller area, and even as they race against time, another storm is bearing down on the region. Brian Hall and Jerry “Nikko” Cooke are still missing, while their companion, James Kelly, was found dead in a snow cave on Sunday.

Even more worrisome, was a camera found on Kelly’s body, which contained images of the three men. The pictures showed the equipment they were carrying with them as they climbed, and experts who have seen those pictures say that it would be tough to survive out there for so long with the light gear they had packed. Still, there is hope that they are in a snow cave of their own, or climbed into a crevasse to get out of the weather. Rescue teams haven’t given up just yet, as the men could still be huddled in a covered crevasse waiting to be found.

4 thoughts on “Search Continues On Mt. Hood”

  1. I have a vintage oil painting on ebay right now of a western mountain scene thay looks like Mount Hood from the river or another Cascade peak. How can I get this publicised…I am willing to give the proceeds to help differ the costs of this mission.

  2. I haven’t seen a fund set up yet, but I’m sure there will most likely be something. If I find any info, I’ll post it on the front page of the blog, and if anyone else knows of a fun let me know please!

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