Search Ends On Mt. Hood has just posted the breaking news that the search for the missing climbers has ended on Mt. Hood. The decision came after nine days of searching turned up the body of one of the three missing climbers, while the traces of the other two became increasingly hard to find. With another storm bearing down on the mountain, and chances of survial fleetingly small, Sheriff Joe Wampler decided to call of the search, now calling it a “recovery mission.”

I feel incredbly sad for the families of these three men. With the holidays upon us, a tragedy like this one hits home even more. The climbers simply weren’t equipped to handle the bad winter weather that has set in for the past ten days, and the likely hood of them being alive has all but vanished. Keep the familes in your thoughts and prayers as we move into this holiday weekend.

3 thoughts on “Search Ends On Mt. Hood”

  1. I cannot imagine what the families of the climbers are going through. But I do know how my heart just sank from the weight of saddness about the fate of each one of them. I hope that in some way there will be equipment available with many better hi-tech ways for Mtn climbers to have access to send out signals when they run into trouble. This is such a terrible loss even for those who put their own lives at risk trying to resuce & find them. It’s just a very sad, heartbreaking tragedy. Thank you for allowing me to comment..

  2. I agree. The sadness and grief that the families are going through right now must be heartbreaking. To lose your love ones is hard enough, to lose them days before the holidays just makes it that much harder.

    No need to thank me. Comments are welcome here, and I’ll try to respond to every one of them. Do I know you Anonymous? 😉

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