Seven Summits Skier Kit DesLauriers In USA Today

Looks like the mainstream media has finally picked up on the Kit DesLauriers story as USA Today has posted a prominent story on her today. You’ll recall that Ms. DesLauriers became the first person to ski all of the Seven Summits when she stepped into her bindings a few months back and skied down Everest.

The story is a bit old now for most of us, but it’s a nice article, and doesn’t a decent job of interviewing Kit and getting her insights on her accomplishment. It’s nice to see someone notice these things in the mainstream press, but you just have to hope that they get it rigth when they do.

Edit: It should be noted that Kit is not the first person to completely ski all of the Seven Summits. That honor goes to Davo Karnicar, whom I blogged about several weeks back. Kit was the first to actually ski all of the Seven Summits, but Davo was the first to ski the entire mountain on all of them. You can learn more about Davo at Mountain World and GoBlog. Thanks Climb_ca for calling me out on this distinction.

3 thoughts on “Seven Summits Skier Kit DesLauriers In USA Today”

  1. not to be annoying here, but Kit didn’t really ski down all of Everest. Even the USA Today article points that out. The only person to have done that is Davo Karnicar, and with his recent descent of Vinson, he became the only person to successfully ski all 7 summits. More on Mountain World and GoBlog. Kit can claim to be the first person to ski on all 7 summits, but Davo is the only person to do a complete descent of all. I’m just saying.

  2. Yeah, I blogged on that several weeks back as well. Perhaps an edit is in order to point that out.

    Thanks for the note!

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