Ten Best Hikes In The World: #1

So here we have it. After counting down for the past ten days, BestHike.com has finally posted the number one best hike in the world. Coming in at #1: The The West Coast Trail in British Columia. They call it a “near perfect hiking experience in pristine Canadian wilderness.”

Other reasons they love it include the incredible sunrises and sunsets, a network of beaches, caves, and other coastal terrain, and intresting wildlife including whales, sea lions, bears, cougars and even wolves. The 47 mile long trail is challenging, yet still has a high success rate, perhaps best of all, no biting insects!

Things to consider before undertaking this trail include the fact that it rains regularly, some times very hard, the temperature in the summer generally hovers around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and both hypothermia and heatstroke can be an issue. Best Hike also notes that this is not a good trail for hikers doing their first multi-day hike, as people have died on the trail.

So there you have it. the Ten Best Hikes In The World. I’m sure everyone can find something on the list to their liking. You can find a complete recap here. And Rick, I told you I’d be checking on Christmas morning. 😉

5 thoughts on “Ten Best Hikes In The World: #1”

  1. Although I haven’t completed it yet, this area of Pacific Rim National Park is exceptionally pristine. The Park also has the Long Beach and the Broken Group areas. We have spent many seasons there hiking and kayaking. The best guidebook I recall for the West Coast Trail was “Blisters & Bliss”, which I think is still in print. Great choice!

  2. Awesome! This choice is whole heartedly endorsed by DSD! Thanks for the input, which is always welcome here.

    I’ll have to check out that book. Great title! 🙂

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