Ten Best Hikes In The World: #5

BestHike.com continues their countdown to the number one, greatest hike in the world today with #5: Sunshine to Assiniboine. This route is located in the Canadian Rockies, close to Assiniboine which they call “Canada’s Matterhorn”. Sounds like an excellent place to visit already. Best Hike loves it because the area is remote (accessible by foot or helicopter only!), offers plenty of chances to view wildlife, including mountain goats, bighorn sheep, elk and mule deer, pikas, chipmunks & hoary marmots, and it gives hikers the chance to trek along the Continental Divide. Before you book your trip however, be sure to check out their list of “Considerations”, which include busy trails, the expenses of hiking in a Canadian national park, and the highly variable weather. (They note that snow is possible on any day of the year!) Still, this sounds like another amazing hike! Keep ’em coming guys!

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