Ten Best Hikes In The World: #7

BestHike.com has given us the latest in their “Ten Best Hikes In The World” list. Coming in next on the list is #7: Kilimanjaro. I think this quote says it all: “If you are going to Africa for just one trek, this is it.”

BestHike loves the fact that Kili is the highest peak in Africa, and doesn’t require any technical climbing experience. They also love the Marangu Route, which gives you the option of sleeping in huts, and while many go to climb Kilimanjaro, most turn back at Gillman’s Peak, with few proceeding another two hours to reach the “Highest Point In Africa”.

I’m hoping to do this trip myself next year, fingers crosse that everything works out. If there are any travel groups out there that want to cut a good deal for an Adventure Blogger, I’m your guy! 😉

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