Update: Hannah At The Pole And In Record Time!

Although Hannah hasn’t updated her latest dispatch as of yet, ThePoles.com is has posted an update on our favorite polar explorer.

Not only did she arrive at the South Pole last night, she did so in record time, besting the old record by two full days. This gives Hannah the distinction of being the fastest unsupported skier to the South Pole, and the ninth woman overall to make the trek without resupply.

What an impressive, awesome acomplishment. Huge congratulations from The Adventure Blog. I’ve been following Hannah’s progress from before she ever hit the ice, and I’m happy to see her reach her goals. Now get home safe Hannah. There are plenty more adventures ahead I’m sure.

Update: (12/31/6) Hannah has updated her dispatches from the South Pole. It’s a fun, funny, whimsical read about her last day alone and her approach to the Polar Station. If you’ve been following her advenure across the ice, it’s a great way to wrap up her expedition.

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