Update On Missing Climbers In Oregon

Rescue teams are preparing to resume the search today for the three missing climbers on Mount Hood, but unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating with them. According to CNN.com a massive winter storm is heading for the area by sometime tomorrow, which has given the search teams an even greater sense of urgency. High winds and plenty of snow already on the mountain have hindered efforts so far, and the climbers took a notoriously difficult route on the North side of Hood, which has not helped the search either.

Lets continue to keep our fingers crossed for these men and their families who are anxiously waiting word of a rescue.

5 thoughts on “Update On Missing Climbers In Oregon”

  1. Agreed. Still can’t give up hope yet. Stranger things have happened. It is worrysome that they don’t have more equipment with them though.

  2. That’s true. The light and fast ascents are better suited for May and June.

    Clearly the weather caught them off guard, but you should always go to the mountain prepared for the worst. Their plan to go in a minimalist style obviously backfired on them. But, lets not lose hope just yet.

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