Were Boskoff and Fowler Murdered?

We’ve all been following the search for Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler over the past few weeks, silently hoping that the pair may yet be found, alive and safe, on some remote mountain in China. Up until now, much of the speculation has been that the two may have have suffered some climbing accident on a remote mountain that they were looking to make a first ascent on, but today’s Observer offers up another theory. Perhaps they were murdered.

The article speculates that the pair were traveling in a remote, and lawless, region of China that is called “the wild west” by one person who knows the region well. The area is fraught with tension between the Chinese and Tibetans, and the desolate mountains are home to bandits and rebels. The fact that the two climbers were exploring the area without permits doesn’t help their cause any.

The Fowler-Boskoff Search Engine has been updated with some new information as well. They have added a list of recent developments to the story, such as sightings from locals, notations in guest books, and as well as further places to donate to the search fund. Speaking of which, fund raising is going well, but more aid is always useful, so please give generously if haven’t already done so. You can now donate via credit card should you choose as well.

The Search Engine also notes that a CNN Team has arrived in the area, and is filming a segment that will air on the network on Dec. 26. If I can find more information on when it will air throughout the day, I’ll post it here. More information as the story develops further.

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