WildeBeat Weighs In On The America The Beautiful Parks Pass

Perhaps you’ve heard about the new America The Beautiful national parks pass. For a mere $80 you can buy a year long pass that will allow you, and your car load of friends, entry to any of the National Parks that you visit. It has come under scrutiny from the outdoor community with some seeing it as a tremendous bargain while others see it as a major increase in fees, especially when compared to the existing Parks Pass and the Golden Eagle Parks Pass which have been around for some time, and cost less money.

What does the new Pass cover? What can you do with it that you can’t do with the already existing passes? Fear not, as Steve Sergeant and The Wildebeat are on the case. In the most recent podcast episode they ask some tough questions and take a good long look at the ATB pass. Steve attempts to sort it all out with the help of a number of guests who weigh in on the subject. Well worth a listen if you frequent the National Parks or purchase a pass such as this one.

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