3 Peaks 3 Weeks: Kili Summitted!

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Those adventerous and social conscious gals over at 3peaks3weeks.org accomplished their goal yesterday, by reaching the “Roof of Africa” and summiting Kilimanjaro in the process. You can read their Summit Day report here.

The team of ten women have, over the past three weeks, climbed Mt. Kenya, Mt. Meru, and now Mt. Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise awareness of “Three Peak” issues in Africa, namely Education, the Environment, and AIDS/HIV. You can read about all the team members and listen to all their podcasts over at PodClimber.com

Excellent work ladies! Wish I could have been their on the summit with you for all three of these peaks. It looks like it was an incredibly fun, challenging, and rewarding expedition, and you are to be commended for your efforts both on and off the mountains.

Kraig Becker

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