Ancient Ruins Found In Peruvian Cloud Forest

According to this article over at National Geographic a large, ancient stone structure has been found in the Peruvian cloud forests.

The structure was built by the Chachapoya Indians, a rival civilization of the Inca’s who dominated the lower regions of Peru while the two nations competed with one another. The Chachapoya were known to be fierce fighters, and generally built their fotresses atop high mountains, and were a long standing nemesis for the Inca tribes before they were over come by the Inca shortly before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The new found structure stands roughly 25 feet tall, is more than 200 feet in length, and 100 feet wide. It was discovered by farmers in the region who took to calling it La Penitenciar√≠a because of it’s thick, impenetrable walls.

It still amazes me that we can stumble across these things in this day and age. I can’t help but wonder what other treasures the thick Amazon Jungles are hiding from us. I’d imagine a find like this one is an archeologists dream come true. I’d love to see more images from the place.

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