Antarctic Climbing Update

Yesterday I posted about this article on Damien Gildea’s climbing team down in Antarctica, and their attempts on several unclimbed peaks there. Today, brings us the second part of that article. Part one left off with the team in Mt. Anderson trying to reach the top for the first time. Today you learn how they topped out, and a bit more on the team as well.

Meanwhile, The Alpinist has posted a couple of stories on Antartic climbs as well.
First is their look at the Andersen first summit, which touches on much what has been said the articles above.

Finally, we have this article about a Norwegian team who headed down South to try some new routes on Ulvetanna, a towering spire of vertical rock. After 16 days on the face they finally reached the top. Average temperatures during the climb were -20 C! After that, the team skiied over to the Holtedahl mountains some 30km away, and climbed six different peaks. All in all, I’d say it was a successful expedition.

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