Archeology News From Geo! has trio of interesting articles today for anyone interested in history or archeology, and who reading this blog hasn’t dreamt of being Indiana Jones at some point? Admit it!

First up, we have, this article that says that Lupercale has been found. Lupercale is the mythical cave that is said to be where a wolf nursed Romulus and Remus, the two founders of Rome. According to the myth, the two brothers were the twin sons of Mars and a mortal High Priestess, and were abandon in their cradel along the Tibre river, where the she-wolf adopted them. The cave was discovered while restoration was being done to the ruins of Emperor Augustine’s palace, and is said to be some fifty feet deep.

The second article is about the discovery of an ancient city in the heart of Mexico. The city is said to be more than 2500 years old, and shows the influence of the Olmec people, who were thought to have thrived near the coast, while this city is in central Mexico, not far from Mexico City itself.

The thing that I found striking was that the ruins of the city were actually fond under an aging housing and commercial development, which makes you wonder what other sites are yet to be discovered simply because we’ve been building over them or hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Finally, we have this story that says that many of the ancient sites in Mexico are being damaged by acid rain. The high pollution in the country is to blame, and is said to be wiping away carvings and paintings on the walls of many archelogoical sites at an alarming rate. It’s said to think about a heritage like that being washed away so quickly.

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