BackPacking Light Podcast: Andrew Skurka

Backpacking Light has posted a new episode of their podcast. This time they are interviewing Andrew Skurka, the ultralight backpacker who hiked across across northern Minnesota, from Duluth to Ely. In the interview, he talks a lot about the gear he used, which weighs less than 16 pounds total, and the use of Vapor Barrier Layers (VBL) to stay warm. Interesting podcast if you want to do any Winter backpacking or camping, although personally, I can’t imagine going that light in the Winter.

The 380 mile trek is suppose to took about 16 days, and Andrew is roughtly half-way through at the point he is interviewed. He actually completed the expedition last week. You”ll find more about his hike at his personal website including his gear list. And for the record, the site lists the average temperature in Ely for January as 5 degrees F, although it has mostly been above average in temp in the Mid-west for most of the Winter.

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