Danelle Ballengee Update

Yak over at CheckPointZero.com has posted an update on Adventure Racer Danelle Ballengee, who was injured a few weeks back while on a training run in the Moab area. You may recall that she slipped on the ice and fell nearly 60 feet, breaking her pelvis. She was stranded out in the backcountry for more than two days, and was rescued when her dog went to find someone to help her. You can read all about it in this story over at ESPN.com.

Danelle was released from the hospital on Dec. 31 and is now staying with her parents in Evergreen, Colorado. She has undergone successful surgery, and will now start the long recover process. It’ll be some time before she is able to race again. In the mean time, she has burned through all of her insurance money, and being laid up for awhile, won’t help matters much. Her friends have set up a fund for her with two ways to contribute:

1. Go to any First Bank of Colorado or First Bank of California and fill out a deposit slip made out to the Danelle Ballengee Fund, or go to the teller and say you’d like to contribute to the Danelle Ballengee Fund. The teller should be able to pull up the account number and help you make a contribution.

2. Mail a check made out to the Danelle Ballengee Fund: First Bank of Colorado, Silverthorne Branch, P.O. Box 347, Silverthorne, CO 80498.

I’m gald to hear that she’s on the mend, but it’s still a long, up hill battle before she’s feeling better, and ready to race. Get well soon Danelle!

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