Everest At Any Price?

It’s a little late in coming, but the events of the Spring 2006 Everest climbing season are still making headlines in the mainstream press, where the story still makes for juicy reading. Such is the case with this story that appeared yesterday on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website.

The article takes a look back at both the David Sharpe incident, and also the rescue of Lincoln Hall just ten days later. It compares how both incidences where handled. The climbing condtiions on Everest are also discussed with the crowds and traffic jams getting mentioned. A number of climbers are also quoted with even Hillary himself weighing in on the topic.

There isn’t much new in the story that hasn’t been discussed before, especially amongst those who have been following the story for some time. Still, it’s a decent look at the whole affair from the mainstream press and worth a read none the less. I just can’t help but think that some of these stories are just for sensationalist purposes at times, especially this long after the fact. But that’s just the cynic in me coming out.