Gadling Reviews The Symbiot Sportback

I first mentioned the Symbiot Sportback way back when when it was first announced, and we’ve finally got our first review on the pack.

Erik, over at Gadling, has posted his thoughts on this new, unique pack, and he seemed to like it, to say the least. He felt it was well designed, and very comfortable. He even remarks that it would make a perfect pack for paddling, although I’m not sure how you’d wear this and your PFD at the same time.

He did remark, however, that there isn’t much room to carry gear. There are plenty of convenient pockets, but they filled up quickly, and you don’t have a lot room for extras, so you have to pack smart, and only take the things you’re sure you’re going to need. Still, it looks like an interesting pack, and for a minimalist day hike, it might not be too bad. And you can’t beat the price at $39.95.

I’m such a sucker for packs. 🙂

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