Hiker Found After Five Weeks Lost In The Wilderness

Carolyn Dorn set off on a solo camping trip in the Gila National Park, in New Mexico, at the beginning of December, and was reported missing a week after that. The search continued for some time, but was finally given up about two weeks ago. Now, CNN is reporting that she has been found alive, five weeks after setting out, by two other hikers. You can read the whole amazing story here.

Essentially, Carolyn was found herself caught on the wrong side of a river that became swollen with rain and snow. Unable to cross, she tried to wait it out, but as the days went by, her food supply dwindled. It has been reported that she went three weeks without food, before Albert and Peter Kottke found her while hiking themselves. The two men gave her some food, collected some fire wood for her, and set off to find a rescue team to retrieve her.

After the rescue, she is said to be in good shape, a little malnourished, and extremely hypothermic, but none the worse for wear in the long run. Glad to hear she’s doing fine, and will likely to be on the trail again soon.

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