Ian Adamson Retires!?!?!

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While we’re on the topic of Adventure Racing this morning, I completely missed this when it was first posted a few weeks back, but thanks to Check Point Zero I’m up to speed now.

According to this article over at RockyMountainNews.com adventure racing legend Ian Adamson has retired from the sport. The artile is actually a great look at how the sport of Adventure Racing is changing right now, going through a flux period as it matures, but the quote that stuck me the most was:

“Boulder’s Ian Adamson, a three-time winner of Eco-Challenge and Primal Quest, recently announced his retirement after more than 15 years in the sport.

I didn’t find anything on the Nike Powerblast website confirming this news, but if true, I wish Ian the best of luck. He’s been an incredible ambassador for the sport for a long time and has certainly left his mark on AR. He’s won everything there is to win, and Nike is still the most dominant team racing, so with nothing left to prove, and while still on top, it seems that a true legend of adventure racing is stepping down. You will be missed Ian!

Kraig Becker

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