Ice Ascent in Yosemite!

The Alpinist has a report of a rare ice ascent in Yosemite thanks to the recent cold snap that has struck California, and much of the country for that matter.

On January 17 three men, Dave Bengsten, Doug Nidever and Scott Brown, made the climb on Yosemite’s Widow’s Tears, a route that only appears when there is a rare cold spell to allow the water to freeze. Climbers for this route have to act fast however, as it typically doesn’t stay around long. The men climbed all day, and topped out with eleven pitches along the way, often climbing across rock in their crampons.

The brief report remarks that it is expected to be 60 degrees in the area this weekend, meaning that the route is probably gone for quite some time again. Very impressive stuff. And while I’ve given you the gist of the article, you need to click on the link to check out the photo of the climb. (Damn blogger and it’s picture posting bugs!) The climbers look like specs on the wall. Simply amazing.

Edit: Image has been added to this post.

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