Is 2007 The Year of K2?

According to 2007 will be the Year of K2 thanks to a plethora of expeditions already announced for the mountain. Climbers from Italy, Russia, Korea, and more will attempt to climb the second hightest mountain on the planet. Amongst the climbers going for the summit next Summer are Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Kazakhs Denis Urubko and Serguey Samoilov.

Is it possible we’re about to see crowds on K2? Most high alpine climbers will tell you that K2 is a far more difficult climb than Everest, and it has remained relatively lightly climbed. But as the serious climbers move away from Everest, due to the crowds and traffic jams, I think K2 will become the next big goal for many of them. With an increased number of permits being issued for Summer of 2007, perhaps we’re starting to see a shift towards K2.

Kraig Becker

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