Kiwis At The Pole!

As predicted yesterday, the Kiwis have successfully made it to the South Pole. is reporting that the team arrived around 10:30 AM this morning but have given up plans to kite back to Patriot Hills. They’ll remain at the Pole until the weather clears, and a plane can come retrieve them.

Meanwhile, solo skiier John Wilton-Davies is making his way to the Pole, and picking up steam, having a 30% increase in speed the past few days. Hannah has been flown off the ice and is now back at base, her adventure done for now. She’s earned a much needed rest. Ray and Jenny have continue on pace, having crossed 89 degrees yesterday, which is way colder than it sounds I must say.

Over on Vinson, the 7 Summits Club second team is preparing for their summit bid, but bad weather has stalled them in Chile. While there however, they met some of the first Vinson climbers, who made the first ascent over 40 years ago, and are returning now to give it another go on “their mountain”.

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