Mandatory Gear: The iPhone!

Yesterday Apple introduced another device that is sure to become a blockbuster hit for them. By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the iPhone, a device that looks like it has come from the future. To call it a cell phone doesn’t do it enough justice. It’s an iPod, a smartphone, and an Internet communications device all wrapped up with that Apple magic that makes all of their products so amazing.

From it’s high quality touch screen, groundbreaking gesture system for navigation, and it’s use of accelerometers to automatically detect if it’s in landscape or portrait mode, the iPhone just screams innovation. It syncs with iTunes to upload your music and videos, runs a full version of OS X, and includes not only a cell radio, but a WiFi chip as well. After taking a look at what it can do, you’ll agree that in one fell swoop, Apple has managed to turn the cell phone industry on it’s ear in the same way that the iPod shook up the music industry five years ago.

Make no mistake, the device will be expensive when it’s released in June. $500 for the 4 GB verision and $600 for the 8 GB version. On top of that, it will only be available through Cingualr Wireless, who will be re-branded as AT&T by the time the iPhone drops. But this device does so many things, and does them so well, that there will be people lining up to buy the thing. I can foresee shortages and waiting lists, even at those prices.

What does this have to do with all the other Adventure stories I typically run? Absolutely nothing! But I just had to share my technolust for this gadget. I love gear, and this is going to end up being mandatory gear, at least for our urban adventures. Mark my words.

3 thoughts on “Mandatory Gear: The iPhone!”

  1. “What does this have to do with all the other Adventure stories I typically run?”


    The iPhone looks like it could very well become ESSENTIAL travel gear for globetrotters.

    It replaces your iPod and phone, while providing GSM compatability which should make it a world phone with sim card compatability… as long as Apple didn’t lock this functionality out. Most GSM phones can be taken to other countries, buy a pre-paid sim card and pop it in and you are good to go.

    It would also allow you to access the internet in hotels, hostels, and cyber cafes while traveling. Post blog updates, answer email, etc.

    Listen to your music and watch videos while traveling to keep yourself entertained on those long flights, bus trips, and train rides around the world.

    This could be a killer adventure travel device for those going on trips where a laptop is just too cumbersome.

  2. Excellent point! GSM is used all over the World and you can even buy temporary SIM cards to use in a lot of countries. On top of that, the WiFi card built in will work anywhere there is wireless.

    It is an amazing device. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. And the possibilities are pretty amazing.

    How much for a Sat-phone version we can use from Everest? 🙂

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