Nicki Says: “Carstenz or bust”!

We’ve been following the adventures of Nicki Branch the past couple of months as she has begun her quest for the Seven Summits. Having completed Kili in December, and recently knocking off Aconcaqua (read her dispatches here.) Nicki has gotten herself off to a great start.

When I posted this blog entry I remarked on the schedule Nicki had set for herself, which is pretty ambitious. She aims to take out Kosciuszko in March, move on to Denali in June, Elbrus the following month in July, and Vinson in December, with a shot at Everest in Spring of 2008. I also made the comment that the list was lacking Carstenz Pyramid, but I thought it was likely that Nicki would want to conquer that mountain as well.

Over the weekend I had an e-mail from Nicki herself who proclaimed that it is “Carstenz or bust”! She fully intends to climb Carstenz as well, but hasn’t added it to the front page of her website yet because it hasn’t been scheduled. Anyone who knows anything about the Seven Summits knows that it can be problematic at times getting on Carstenz, although it has become easier in recent years. So, once again, good lucky Nicki. We’ll follow you all the way to the top.

As a side note, anyone else thing we should start callig it the 7 Summits +1?

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