Nike Introduces The Water Cat

I saw this post over at Gizmodo this morning. It’s a new set of water shoes from Nike called the Water Cat. With rubberized soles and a quick drying fabric, they look like the would make great shoes for paddling or cayoneering. They are light, and compact for easy stuffing into a backpack, and have an interesting design to them. No word on release date or price, but they look like they could be a great addition to the gear closet, as my water mocs are getting kind of old. has more on the shoes and an interview with Bob Mervar, the Director of Nike’s ACG (All Condition Gear) line.

3 thoughts on “Nike Introduces The Water Cat”

  1. Yeah, definitely better for a padding shoe then something like cayoneering. Keens generally have a little more to them than this one.

    On the other hand, I tend to be more comfortable in Nike gear, so who knows how they feel.

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