Nives Meroi Heading To Everest!

Nives Meroi has told that she is on for Everest this Spring. Nives is one of the best female climbers in the World, and has been gunning for the 8000m peaks, crossing Dhaulagiri and K2 off her list last year. She now has 8 of the 8000’ers down.

The last time I mentioned Nives I remarked how surprised I was that she didn’t have any sponsors. There aren’t that many women in climbing in general, and fewer still who are knocking off 8000m peaks. You would think that someone would throw this woman some cash. Well things haven’t improved too much since then, although she has picked up Parmigiano Reggiano, a type of Parmigian cheese, as a sponsor. I guess we know what she’ll be eating a lot of while on the mountain.

Good luck on Everest Nives. We’ll be following you in the Spring, and as you go for the rest of the 8000m peaks.

3 thoughts on “Nives Meroi Heading To Everest!”

  1. She certainly is an accomplished climber, and looks like she is going to try and become the first woman to climb all 14 of the 8000 meter peaks which is a huge accomplishment.

    To answer your question as to the lack of sponsors, and i’m not saying it is right, but if she looked like a model she wouldn’t have any problems finding sponsors.

    Look at Araceli Segarra, and she hasn’t come close to climbing the number of 8000 meter peaks that Nives has. But Araceli has the looks of a model and sponsors see her as more of a bankable star.

    It’s the Anna Kournikova effect. Kournikova wasn’t the greatest tennis player of her time…. but she was hot so she got all the attention and sponsorships and made the most money because of it.

    Sad but true.

  2. Anna Kournikova is a perfect example. You’re right. And it is sad but true.

    Nives is so accomplished, and she’s probably going to get the 14 8000m peaks before she’s done, especially with K2 already off the list. There have been very few female ascents on K2.

    I just wish someone throw some cash this girls way! 🙂 I admire her climbing ability and her dedication to stick through with her goal.

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