Podcast Updates and New Podcast Recommendations

Endurance Planet is back with another new Podcast (it is Monday afterall!). This week it’s an interview with Eric Davis a long time triathlete, and general endurance athelete, who offers up some tips that any endurance athlete, and triathletes specifically, should find interesting.

I’ve been exploring more new podcasts over the past week or so. For Christmas I received an FM Transmitter for my iPod for Christmas, and it’s allowed me to listen to some new podcasts in my car while commuting to and from work. So, I thought I’d pass on a few new suggestions in case you were looking for some new Podcasts as well.

First up, if you’re into Adventure Racing, you’ll want to check out the GoFar Podcast which interviews racers on a weekly basis. The show allows you to get the know the racers a bit better, and get some tips from some of the most amazing endurance athletes around.

I’ve also started listening to Pod Climber which is an excellent podcast for anyone into rock climbing, and mountaineering as well. This one has been around awhile, and many of you are probably already listening to it, but it’s a good recommendation none the less. They have an enormous back catalog of episodes to wade through, with some really great stuff, including interviews with Conrad Anker, David Breashears and more.

Finally, on a bit of a more whimsical side, checkout the Life of Play podcast, which has all manner of topics for your leisure time, such as some of our favorites like mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. as well as some that I don’t normally talk about, like video and computer gaming (love my Xbox 360!), and more. They even mix in some travel and other topics. They seem to be on a bit of a break at the moment, but once again, there are plenty of back epsiodes to catch up on.

As I come across more podcasts that may be of interest, I’ll be sure to pass them on.

Edit: I forgot to mention that each of these podcasts are not only avaiilable through their respective websites, but also for subscription in iTunes.