Polar Update: John Wilton-Davies Picked Up Today!

ThePoles.com has posted another update on solo-unsupported skiier John Wilton-Davies who seems to be the last explorer out on the ice. That should change today, when John is plucked off the Antarctic Plateau by a plane. While he won’t reach his goal of the South Pole, he is currently at 88.5 degrees South, and decided that’s far enough. Last night he made it to the cache of food that was dropped for him several days back, and since that time, he’s been eating and sleep plenty while he waits for a lift back to civilization. Nice work John. Come back next year and gt that final degree South!

Over on Vinson Ray is still hoping to top out on Vinson. After being trapped at Camp 2 for several days by bad wind and snow, it looks like the strom began to subside this morning. There have been no further updates, so lets hope it’s cleared up, and the team is moving to high camp. Good lucky Ray!

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