Polar Update: John Wilton-Davies Still Heading South!

ThePoles.com is reporting that John Wilton-Davies is still on the ice and still heading South. John is a solo, unsupported, skiier, trying to make it to the South Pole, but the Antarctic winter is nearly upon him, and the last flight off the ice was suppose to pick him up today. According to this article however, the plane was grounded due to weather, giving him more time to go after his goal.

John has no chance of reaching the Pole, but he does want to make it to 89 degrees, 1.4 minutes South, which would put him 1000km from his starting point. Still an impressive distance to travel. To make matters worse, he has run out of food. There was a supply drop for him a day or so back, and he hopes to make it to that point sometime today, but has vowed to not touch the food until he must in order to maintain his “unsupported” status. If bad weather sets in, he may have to break into the food tomorrow though.

We could be watching an Antarctic Drama unfolding before our eyes. The clock is definitely ticking here, and if weather does indeed set in, John could be in for a bit of a rough patch. At least he’ll be able to get to the food and should be able to hole up for awhile, but lets hope that the plane can get to him and retrieve him from the ice sometime very soon.

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