Polar Update: One Last Time!

With the Antarctic season nearly coming to an end, we have one more update courtesy of your friends at ThePoles.com.

While other Antarctic teams were busy skiing all over the place, it seems Damien Gildea’s climbing team was busing knocking off peaks, including a first ascents on Mt. Press, and an ongoing attempt at Mt. Anderson. The team has been on the ice since Dec. 19th, and have faced avalanches, bad weather, and nasty crevasses in their climbs.

Meanwhile, Ray has posted to his blog that he has summitted on Vinson. You’ll recall that Ray and his wife Jenny have already skiied to the South Pole, so Ray thought he’d cap off the trip with a quick ascent of Vinson. Ray, you’ve earned yourself a little R and R. Go some place warm and tropical on your “Next Fun Trip!”

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