Polar Update: Season Draws To An End

The Antarctic season is starting to draw to a close, and as I noted yesterday, there are fewer and fewer teams out on the ice. ThePoles.com continues to update on the teams that are still there, with their latet report coming today. The weather has improved, the winds have died down, and the sky has cleared, and the remaining explorers are on the move once again.

John Wilton-Davies is now just two degrees off the Pole and is vowing to continue his solo, unsupported expedition by skis to the Pole. It’s been tough going of late, but John is determined to see it out to the end. Meanwhile, Team n2i has found a good wind once more, and are hoping it means the beginning of their final push to the Pole of Inaccessibility.

Team Polar Quest, who completed their trip to the Pole several weeks back, are on the return trip kiting back to Patriot Hills. It’s been a long time on the ice for the Brits. Beth and Denise are on their last two legs as they complete their trip to the Pole sometime in the next few days.

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