Polar Update: Teams In The Stretch Run!

Another polar update today from ThePoles.com, with teams reporting that they are closing in on their objectives.

Team n2i kited more than 100km yesterday, and are now just 147km from the Pole of Inaccessiblity. They are hoping to make good time once again today, and possibly even reach the Pole as early as tomorrow. Team Polar Quest reached the South Pole a few days after Christmas, and have been kiting back to Patriot Hills ever since. Despite having to change kite sizes several times yesterday, they still made 44 nautical miles, and now have less than 95 nm to go before they finish their return trip.

Of bigger concern however, is John Wilton-Davies, the solo-unsupported skiier, who still has 118 nm to go before he reaches the Pole, and is reported to be “running on fumes” at the moment. He’s also been battling high winds and soft snow around the 87th parallel. Things aren’t all that rosy over on Vinson either, as Abramov’s Seven Summits Team is stranded at Base Camp due to strong snow storms in the area. They missed the Ilyushin yesterday, and will have to continue to wait things out until the weather clears.

It looks like several teams should see the end of their expedions this weekend. Hopefully all will reach their goal, although I’m starting to have my doubts about John. He’s got a long way to go, and the Antarctic Winter is bearing down on him fast now. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better, and making better time over the next few days. Don’t give up yet John! The end is in sight!

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