Polar Update: Teams n2i at the POI!

ThePoles.com has posted another Antarctic update, this time with news that Team n2i has reached the Pole of Inaccessibility only to find a surreal scene. It seems that whent he Russians went to the POI a number of years ago, they built a hut there, and placed a shoulder statue of Vladmir Lenin there as well. The Team says that the statue is still there, and is in pristine condition, as if it were planted there yesterday, making it all the more surreal.

Meanwhile, solo and unsupported skiier John Wilton-Davies is reporting warm weather as he forges ahead toward the South Pole. He has 97 nautical miles to go before he reaches his goal, but time is no longer on his side. He isn’t giving up though, and vows to give it his best shot while he still had decent weather.

Finally, Team Polar Quest has returned to Patriot Hills, completing a round trip expedition to the South Pole and back again. The Brits skiied to the Pole, arriving shortly after Christmas, and have not kited back to Patriot Hills for pick-up. Awesome job guys! I hope your next stop is somewhere tropical!

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