Poles Abandon Winter Attempt On Nanga Parbat

I posted an update on the Winter attempt on Nanga Parbat by a Polish team a few days ago, and now MountEverest.net is reporting that the climb has come to an end. In the previoius post, I noted how the team had established Camp 3 on the mountain, but were unable to climb any higher due to nasty winds, and extremely cold temperatures.

The Team got as high as 6000m, but was turned back by -20F temperatures, winds ranging from 40-60 mph, and a climate that was described as a “freezing hell”. After retreating to Base Camp, the team watched weather reports and determined that there was little chance of a window opening soon. Figuring that discretion was the better part of valor, they elected to leave the mountain rather than risk injury or death.

The Poles say they learned a lot during this attempt however, and haven’t ruled out the possibility of returning in the future. If they do return, they promise to have a larger team, more high altitude porters, and attempt the climb in a more “siege” style that would be more effective in the Winter.

Edit: Check out these awesome photos from the expedition on their website.

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