The Rest of Everest – Episode 32

Speaking of podcasts, my favorite video podcast The Rest of Everest has released Episode 32, entitled French Cooking, Part 2.

In this episode, things seem pretty rough, as the team enjoys some French cusine when they visit the camp of a couple of their French teammates. The food comes as a great change of pace after being on the mountain for quite awhile, and eating mostly Nepali food. Great eating while on the mountain? Who would have thought! I guess the team has to do something while they wait for that weather window.

If Santa brought you a fancy new iPod with Video for Christmas, and you’re wondering what you can watch on it, I can’t recommend this video podcast highly enough. You can subscribe to it directly in iTunes, and download all the old, and new episodes to your shiney new device. It’s worth your time to go back to Episode 0, and start from the beginning, following the expedition from Day 1.

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