The Rest of Everest – Episode 33

Wednesday means a new episode of The Rest of Everest the video podcast that is “An Almost Unabridged Expedition Experience.” This week we have Episode 33: Climb On!.

The wind has finally died down, and the team can at last resume their climb. They set off for a return to Advanced Basecamp, and eventually a push for the Summit itself. Fortunately all of the higher camps were still intact. With such high winds, it’s not uncommon to have tents and other equipment swept right off the mountain.

Jon admits to having some butterflies in his stomach as everyone heads out for ABC, as the realization of how dangerous an Everest climb can be sets in. A point that is hammered home with discussion and footage of David Sharp setting out. For fans of mountaineering and Everest in general, this is a great episode on a lot of different levels. Great footage as well. Well done once again Jon!

3 thoughts on “The Rest of Everest – Episode 33”

  1. Thanks!

    I think this one #33 is my favorite episode so far. I can go on and on about how Everest is so much more than just “danger”, but the memory of seeing Ben leave and not knowing whether he’d make it back again will always stick with me.

    I’ll never forget that moment.


  2. I think this might be my favorite episode so far as well. And you did a great job of conveying those feeling and talking about them with Ben.

    Can’t wait to see where it goes from here. You know I’ll be watching! 🙂

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