The Rest of Everest – Episode 35

My favorite video podcast The Rest of Everest is back this week with a new episode. Episode 35 is entitled Picking Up The Pieces and is another great episode.

The team is climbing back up the North Col now, and fearing what they will find when they reach the higher camps. Word amongst the climbing teams was that the hard winds had shredded the tents and strewn their gear across the mountain. So they weren’t entirely sure what they would find. Inspecting the gear upon arrival however, they find that while things are a little worse for wear, everything was still in place, and wouldn’t jeopardize the climb.

Meanwhile, down in Base Camp, technology, and the Director himself, are breaking down. The technology can be fixed however, while Jon has to suffer through a nasty cough, that on the South side would probably be called the “Khumbu Cough”.

This episode is once again laced with some amazing video sohts of the mountain. The scenery is breathtaking and Jon and the team managed to catch some amazing shots. My favorite shot of the episode has to be the para-glider zipping around the mountain. Talk about an amazing view!

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