Seven Summiter Nicki Branch on Aconcagua

I first mentioned Nicki Branch a month ago when she finished climbing Kilimanjaro and was just getting started with her Seven Summits bid. Well, she’s not sitting on her laurels in pursuing her goal. Nick is currently on Aconcagua, and you can read her latest dispatches from the mountain as she prepares to go for the summit. The latest news has her at Camp 1 and setting off for Camp 2 a few days ago. I’m sure we’ll hear more soon.

Meanwhile, on the front page of her website she lays out her ambitious plans for reaching her goal. After Aconcagua, she plans to climb Kosciuszko (March), Denali (June), Elbrus (July), Vinson (December) in 2007, and Everest during the Spring season of 2008. No word yet on Carstensz Pyramid, but I’m willing to bet it’ll make it’s way onto the list before we’re all said and done.

Good luck Nicki, we’ll be following your adventures and pulling for you. Thanks again Alan!

3 thoughts on “Seven Summiter Nicki Branch on Aconcagua”

  1. Yeah, seems pretty ambitious to me as well, but more power to her if she can pull it off. She must have plenty of cash too! 😉

    She should add Carstensz to really top things off, and as I said in the post, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did eventually.

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