Taking The Back Road To Machu Picchu

The New Yor Times has a great article in their Travel section entitled Taking The Back Road To Machu Picchu that is a great look at hiking the Inca Trail. It’s an excellent read if you have an interest in taking that trip, which is an epic hike to be sure, any time in the future. The article talks about how the traditional Inca Trail has gotten crowded and has had issues with trash and refuse since it was opened to the public, and that there are now several “alternate” versions of the trail to hike.

The Inca Trail winds through the the Peruvian Andes reaching heights of nearly 14,000 feet, and offering some stunning views of the mountains. You can read more about it here.

Thanks to Best Hike for the trail info and NYT article.

5 thoughts on “Taking The Back Road To Machu Picchu”

  1. Everyone I have talked to that has done both, including my guide while I was in Peru last May, have said that the Salkantay Trail is better than the traditional Inca Trail.

    While I didn’t do the Inca Trail while in Peru (although I visited Machu Picchu), I intend on returning and hiking to Machu PIcchu via one of the routes. I am leaning towards the Salkantay Trail due to the good word of mouth reviews I have heard.

    This article further reinforces that.

  2. I’ve essentially heard the same. After Kili the Inca Trail, in one of it’s incarnations, may very well be the next adventure I take. Looks like a lot of fun, and I haven’t visited Machu Picchu yet.

  3. Cool pictures man! I always appreciate travel pics to far flung places like the ones we find interesting!

    How did you like traveling with GAP? They have a number of trips I’d like to take with them, and they have some very reasonable prices.

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