Ultralight Winter Hiking In Minnesota

You have to hand it to Andrew Skurka, he sure doesn’t back down from a challenge. On January 4th, he set off on a 400+ mile snowshoe hike through Northern Minnesota from from Duluth to Ely. That alone sounds like a long, cold, hike. However, he’s also elected to go the distance in an ultralight manner. You can check out his gear list here. He expect to take about 20 days to cover the distance, at a pace of about 20 miles per day.

Skurka made a name for himself a few years back when he hiked the 7778 mile Coast To Coast Trail in 339 days. On that hike he started in Cape Gaspe, Quebec and started walking West. His journey ended when he entered into the Pacific Ocean.

Of his latest endeavor, I’d say he chose the right year to do it, as the weather in the Mid-West has been pretty warm so far. However, checking the current weather in Duluth and the current weather in Ely, I’d say it’s plenty cold for this hike.

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