Winter Nanga Parbat Update

Remember that Polish team that was attempting a Nanga Parbat summit during Winter? I haven’t posted an update on them in some time but according to this post over at, the team has established Camp 3 at 6800m, but all attempts at the summit have stalled out.

It seems some nasty winds have moved into the area, reported to be hurricane force, and it’s keeping any of the summit teams from going any higher than Camp 3. As of yesterday, all team members had returned to BC and were discussing their options. There are no fixed ropes above Camp 3, so there is a lot of work that needs to be done, and conditions on the mountain don’t seem to be improving.

The team will likely wait out the next few days, and watch the long term weather forcasts, hoping to see a window of opportunity opening up. If the weather reports don’t improve, there is a strong chance that they will elect to go home, abandoning their bid for the summit. I’ll post more as the team updates their plans.

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