Biking The Iditarod Trail!

Ok. This guy is slightly crazy. The Gear Junkie has posted a short interview with Mike Curiak who intends to ride the entire Iditarod Trail Inviational (formerly the Iditabike) self supported. Meaning no food drops, carrying everything with him as he goes.

Curiak will be riding the 1100 mile course, over 20 days, through snow, on his mountain bike, with all of his gear on him at all times, and without outside help. *Whew* My legs hurt just thinking about it. He says he’ll have 55 pounds of food with him, much of it freeze dried, and about 2 gallons of fuel to help him melt snow and warm his food.

Good luck Mike. I think you’re going to need it!

Kraig Becker

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