Broad Peak Update: It Ain’t Over Yet!

Yesterday I posted this blog entry on Simone Moro giving up his summit bid on Broad Peak, but as Lee Corso is fond of saying “Not so fast my friends!”

Early today came word that the summit push was indeed on. The weather turned out to be much better than expected, and rather than simply dismantling high camps, perhaps a summit bid would be in the cards afterall.

Now, has received word from Simone himself, via sat phone from the mountain. The update is that Simone and Sheheen climbed all the way to Camp 3 today, only to find the camp flattened by wind and snow. They attempted to rebuild the camp and dig out their tent and other supplies, but with winds picking up, temperatures dropping, and night falling on the mountain, they were forced to retreat to Camp 2 for the night.

At this point, they will wait to see what the weather is like in the morning. Depending on conditions, they may go for the summit in one long push, as Simone did back in 2003, although the shorter Winter days will make that difficult. If the weather continues to deteriorate, they are likely to clean up the camps and descend back to BC.

More as it becomes known!

Kraig Becker

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