Broadband Internet On Everest

Today we have Part 5 of the Human Edge Tech articles on video and other technology on Everest. In the last article they discussed video conferencing and I mentioned the need for having a broadband Internet connection on the mountain, and very briefly touched on what was needed.

This article discusses the technology you need to brodcast high quality video back to the World from remote places using satellite uplink technology. It explains what your options are in this are, what technologies are available, and what to expect ouf of quality and ease of use. They even finish up with some rought cost estimates which seem expensive in the outset, but can be reasonable as you use the technology over time.

So whether you’re going to Everest or the Amazon Rainforest, this technology is something that can be useful on a wide range of expeditions. In fact all of these articles are useful and informative no matter which remote area of the World you are heading to.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the tips. Pretty amazing the technology we can take with us into the backcountry now.

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