Buyer’s Guide To Running Shoes and Clothing

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Spring isn’t too far off now. Time to start thinking about leaving that hot, stuffy, gym, and getting back outside with your workouts. To help out National Geographic Adventure has posted a buyer’s guide for running gear with recommendations on shoes for the road and trail, as well as some cool running clothes to keep you comfortable on your runs.

Personally, I prefer to trail run, but will run on the roads when I can’t find time to get out to a trail. It’s still a mystery as to why trail running shoes all have to look ass-ugly, but as long as the get the job done. The clothing recommendations are pretty solid too, and it’s easy to kill a lot of cash on these items. After all, it’s not like you only need one dri-fit shirt for running. Still, with the right gear, you can go a long way to being more comfortable and performing better.

Kraig Becker

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