Camping 300 Months In A Row

Here is a pretty cool story from the Monticello Times in Minnesota. It’s the tale of Bob Naslund, who just celebrated 300 consecutive months of camping out for at least one night.

Bob’s run started 25 years ago, back in 1982, when he ventured out with a friend for a spring campout. The pair decided to go for 12 months in a row so they could see the different changes of season, and it just continued on from there, becoming a monthly tradition that has continued on. Most of the nights spent out have been in Lake Maria State Park, but a few have ventured elsewhere.

Pretty cool record this guy has going. It’s even more amazing when you consider he’s in Minnesota. Down here in Texas, they think it gets cold when it falls below 40 degrees, but that happens in July in Minnesota. Winters mean long, cold nights, surprise blizzards, and blowing snow. Not for the feint of heart. I wonder how long he hopes to continue.

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Kraig Becker

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